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Notice on https: You should use as DNS for your domain and activate CDN for your A records. This is not associated to any cost.
You must tell your domain registrar to change the nameservers for your domain to cloudflare:
Using cloudflare as CDN, you can enable TLS and you will get a cloudflare-signed https certificate for your domains. If you do not connect your domain with a CDN first, your domain will only be available as http and not https (browsers will complain about this), because we cannot provide valid TLS certificates for external domains.

STEP 1. If you recently registered your domain and/or it was not active for a longer period of time, please set your DNS A Record immediately for www.YOUR-TLD and YOUR-TLD to:
Warning: As long as Step 2 is not finished, visiting of your domain will lead to a permanent serverban for all visitors because your domain is still unknown to our servers. IF you plan to connect an already used domain, which already has regular users or traffic e.g. from google, Step 1 must be executed after Step 2 to avoid multiple serverbans!

STEP 2. Inform our support Team by opening a new thread in this forum about your request and your TLD will be connected by Support, provide all necessary informations:
- your Forum account name
- your TLD
- https yes/no: if your domain is connected over cloudflare CDN which holds a valid TLS certificate for your domain write "yes" -> yes/no will switch between https and http access forced by our servers to your domain

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Invalid IPv4 address.....

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It is valid!

IF IP address changes in the future, it will be announced in this forum!

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